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Medical & Dental

Gentsler Eye Center

This project was a collaboration with a Seattle-based surgery center architect and a local architect. It supports two operating rooms, pre-op, post-op, examination rooms, a laboratory, offices and support spaces. HVAC systems provide the clean environment needed for delicate eye surgery using lasers and fine instrumentation. Back-up electrical systems insure a stable facility during critical procedures. 

Gordy Dental Office

This project is a two-level neighborhood type facility that provides the dental professional several stations and allows growth for a partner to take on more patients and staff. LSA worked with the owner’s dental consultant to coordinate equipment locations, electrical needs, vacuum piping and communication systems. LSA focused on a zoned HVAC system that was easy to maintain, proper lighting both in intensity and color and providing the plumbing and electrical systems necessary for the dentist and staff to perform efficiently and comfortably in the patient areas, laboratory and office environments. Exterior lighting highlights the architectural features.

Galichia Heart Hospital

This project involved the renovation of a computer center into a full hospital that is over 100,000 square feet including additions. Critical power systems were modified into the code-required separate branches and coverage. Steam, RO water, high filtration, and hot/chilled water systems were added to or modified in the central plant to accommodate operating rooms, laboratory, imaging, and trauma functions. The renovation aspect of the project and the fast-track method of delivery were challenges met. 

Durbin Dental Office

Providing the exam and procedure environment that allows the dentists to work with efficiency and comfort is critical to a successful project. Working with the details of equipment, suction piping and communication systems is key to providing a well coordinated project. LSA strives to be as complete as possible with construction drawings and specifications for clarity and a smooth construction process. The lower level of this facility houses an independent lab and support spaces for the practice that is located on the primary upper floor. A smaller facility such as this needs a simple HVAC system that meets the environmental needs of the users while being cost effective to install and maintain.

Darnall Dental Office

Several dental professionals are housed within this facility that each have different procedures, equipment needs and staff. With multiple users it is important to provide each with the utilities and environment that allow each one to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible. Some shared systems as well as individual ones complicate the design and construction process which makes careful coordination of drawings and specifications necessary for a successful outcome. The HVAC systems needed to provide individual control for each tenant and their staff while giving the owner something that’s easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate.

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