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Mechanical Infrastructure, HVAC & Plumbing

VA Columbia - Waste & Vent Piping Replacement


This seven story hospital complex built in the 1970’s had premature failures and corrosion in the drain, waste and vent system that was taxing the maintenance staff. Replacing the entire system was the charge for LSA while keeping the hospital in operation during the retrofit. As one might imagine, the field documentation of existing systems and routing of piping was an immense task in itself as there was not a comprehensive or accurate accounting of the systems’ transformation over the years. Once completed, the design of the new system and its phasing to allow the existing system to remain functioning while pieces were replaced, tested and put into operation was the next step toward the goal. Selecting new riser locations or replacing existing was based on available space and the type of functions within each area. Eighty to ninety percent of the work in the building outside of the crawlspaces had to be performed after hours. Rooms occupied full time were carefully coordinated with staff to insure minimal impact on patient care. To hasten the installation and allow for easier future modifications PVC was the chosen material. A well-timed process of investigation, environmental control, wall and piping demolition, pipe installation, wall reconstruction and finishing wrapped up with a clean-up and sterilization process was the typical evening’s work for the installer. 


Larned State Hospital | Replacement of High Pressure Steam Boiler & Emergency Generator at Main Power Plant


LSA was engaged to replace one of the 1000 BHP boilers and the emergency engine generators in the main power plant at the Larned State Hospital in Larned, Kansas. Separate negotiated procurement contracts were prepared and issued for the replacement boiler and for the replacement generators and associated switchgear. Construction contract documents were then prepared for the installation of the pre-purchased equipment.


Larned State Hospital  | Steam and Condensate Piping Replacement Throughout Steam Tunnel System


This project involved the full replacement of all existing high and low pressure steam piping, steam condensate piping and piping support racks throughout the existing tunnel system.

The existing high pressure steam system piping was distributed throughout the tunnels and served process loads or water heating loads in multiple buildings as well the existing low pressure steam distribution system throughout.  The existing low pressure steam distribution system served all building HVAC heating loads throughout the campus.

The existing low pressure steam distribution system within the tunnels was removed and eliminated from use.  The existing high pressure steam distribution system was replaced with a new larger system.  The existing steam condensate piping was replaced with new larger piping throughout.  It was also slightly elevated in height to allow for proper drainage of condensate in all areas of the tunnel without the use of condensate pumps.

The new high pressure steam distribution system was sized for all existing process loads, HVAC heating loads, and several anticipated future loads.  The new high pressure system now also serves the existing low pressure steam service to each building thru a new pressure reducing station for each building.  Expansion joints and pipe guides were used throughout to allow for proper expansion and contraction of all steam and steam condensate piping.

A main condensate duplex pump and basin were replaced at the power plant with new to allow condensate to pump from the tunnel space up to the existing main condensate receiver in the power plant. 

The existing unistrut pipe supports were replaced in the majority of the tunnel with new structural steel pipe support racks.  Several pipe anchor supports were installed throughout to appropriately contain the large forces associated with expansion and contraction within the piping systems.

All work was completed with no downtimes of the existing steam and steam condensate distribution systems to the Facility, allowing continual operation of all required process and building heating loads when needed.


El Dorado Correctional Facility | Thermal Piping System Replacement


This project started out as a study to provide alternatives and associated probable construction costs for replacement of the existing thermal piping system at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in El Dorado, Kansas. 

LSA reviewed the study with Representatives of the Department of Corrections and Division of Facilities Management and together established direction for system replacement. 

The replacement of the thermal piping system required modifications to several of the Facility's systems and infrastructure including security electronics, primary electrical distribution, site lighting and low voltage distribution to a number of exterior guard stations. 

The Facility's maintenance staff using inmate labor constructed a mile long shallow concrete trench. Once the trench was completed, a contract was let for the installation of the thermal piping. This piping was reconnected to the existing buildings in such a manor so as to minimize system downtime. 

The result of the project was a system that dramatically reduced the facility's utility costs while successfully integrating with the existing architecture. 

Due to the critical nature of the facility, all system modifications were completed in such a manner so as to keep the facility up and running during the construction process. 


Larned State Hospital | Feedwater & Steam Condensate Piping Replacement


The project involved replacement of feedwater piping in the main power plant and replacement of a section of pumped steam condensate return piping in the tunnels at the Larned State Hospital. The steam heating system remained in operation during this project.


Larned State Hospital | High Pressure Steam Boiler and Emergency Generator Replacement at Main Power Plant


Latimer Sommers and Associates was engaged in 1999 to replace one of the 1000 BHP boilers and the emergency engine generators in the main power plant at the Larned State Hospital in Larned, Kansas. The State of Kansas, Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services operates this facility. 

A negotiated procurement contract was prepared and issued for the replacement boiler and for the replacement generators and associated switchgear. 

Construction contract documents were prepared for the installation of the pre purchased equipment. Bids were received for the installation of the boilers and for the generators. The projects were completed in 2000.


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