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Judicial & Correctional Facilities

Kansas Department of Corrections "On-Call"

Projects involved to date under this contract include:


Lansing Correctional Facility

-          Electrical System Improvements at Industries Building – 1999

-          New 5kV Tie Switch Installation – 2000

-          Sprinkler Modifications – 2000

-          Primary Modifications – 2000

-          Admin Building HVAC Renovation – 2001

-          Sanitary Sewer System Improvements – 2003

-          Sign & Graphics Electrical System Modifications

-          Install Sprinkler Systems in Housing Units A, B, & C


Winfield Correctional Facility

-          Chiller Study – 2003

-          Wichita Work Release

-          Cooling Tower Replacement – 2000

-          Study for Decentralization of Facility Heating – 2010

-          Decentralization of Facility Heating – 2011

-          Campus Fire Alarm Upgrades – 2012


Norton Correctional Facility

-          Fire Alarm Upgrade – 2003

-          Water System Improvement Study – 2003

-          Special System Network Upgrade – 2003

-          Standby Generator – 2005

-          Source Transfer – 2009

-          Corrective Measures – Decentralization of Heating System – 2010

-          Dorm A Fire Alarm – 2012


Topeka Correctional Facility

-          Replace Domestic Water Service – 2001

-          “E” Dorm Modifications – 2005

-          Primary Electrical Study – 2011

-          Primary Electrical Modifications – 2011

Norton Correctional Facility - Steam Decentralization

Latimer, Sommers & Associates, P.A. was engaged in January of 2010 by the Kansas Department of Corrections to review a recently completed construction project at the Norton Correctional Facility.  The project was the Decentralization of the Central Steam Plant and involved installation of local heating systems within (6) of the Institution’s buildings.


The original project was completed prior to the 2009/2010 heating season.  Due to continual problems experienced by the Agency, LSA was asked to study the conditions. The result of the study was the development of a scope of work to implement modifications to the systems installed within the various buildings.  “On Call” contractors were then utilized to complete the corrective work. The systems within the various buildings included both steam and hot water hydronic type systems.


The work was completed in October of 2010 and the total construction cost was $175,000.  

El Dorado Correctional Facility - Reception and Diagnostic Unit

The Reception and Diagnostic project scope included two inmate housing units that were constructed  in 2001.


LSA provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems design for this project which included (2) inmate housing units, each having 128 double-bunked cells; (4) day hall spaces; staff offices; a control center; and toilet and shower facilities.  Site utilities were extended to each of the housing units.  Site utilities were also configured to support (4) additional housing units.  Steam and steam condensate systems were extended from the existing main power plant to each of the housing units via a shallow concrete trench that was designed as a part of the project and constructed by facility staff using inmate labor.


In 2010 LSA was engaged to provide MEP design services required to develop construction contract documents for two additional inmate housing units that matched those constructed as a part of the 2001 “Reception and Diagnostic Unit” project. Utility infrastructure modifications required to support these new housing units were included in the project.


Also included in the 2010 engagement was the design and preparation of construction contract documents for an addition to the Institution’s Infirmary.


Total Cost (Reception and Diagnostic Unit):  $12,000,000 / MEP Cost:  $4,000,000.  Costs for the proposed new housing units will be similar except as increased by inflation.

Brown County Sherriff’s Department & Jail

This new 20,000 square foot facility located in Hiawatha, Kansas combines the Brown County Jail with the Sheriff’s offices. The facility includes office space for the Sheriff’s administration and deputies, interview rooms, a work room, as well as records, evidence, and property storage. LSA was responsible for HVAC, smoke ventilation, plumbing, electrical, life safety systems design and construction administration. Access control and a security system were also designed for the facility. LSA also provided the site utility design including new domestic water service, sanitary waste, storm water, gas, fire sprinkler service, and electrical service to the facility.

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