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Atchison County Sport Complexes | Field Lighting

This project involved electrical design for two new sports complexes for Atchison County. The complex in Atchison involved design and construction of electrical infrastructure to support three baseball and three softball fields, walkway lighting, a future concession/restroom building and a new maintenance building. Electrical infrastructure was also provided for the new complex in Effingham, which consists of one baseball and one softball field as well as well as infrastructure for a future concession building. 


Lighting for the New Topeka Boulevard Bridge

This 2008 project involved pedestrian and roadway lighting for the new Topeka Boulevard bridge.  Period style luminaires were chosen that optimized both form and function.  Design considerations included limiting glare and night sky pollution. 


Latimer, Sommers & Associates provided lighting design, electrical distribution and lighting system controls.  


Total cost was $60 million.


Hutchinson Streetscape

This project involved a three-phase design for new street and pedestrian lighting of two different districts along Main Street in the City of Hutchinson - the Retail & Entertainment District, which is at the heart of Downtown Hutchinson, and the Antiques District, which houses many of the retail antique shops. 

The Retail & Entertainment District has an urban and contemporary feel, which incorporates the City’s historic architecture. The Antiques District is at the South end of Main Street. Special emphasis was placed on the display of merchandise along the sidewalks in these areas.


Emporia Streetscape

This streetscape project, completed in 2002 for Downtown Emporia consisted of approximately 12 city blocks.  LSA provided MEP design for decorative street lighting, power for landscape irrigation controls, and power outlets for street decoration and vendor use.


Hutchinson Municipal Airport Airfield Lighting & Monitoring System | Taxiway “A”

LightingAs part of a larger airfield rehabilitation project, this project included a new medium intensity edge lighting system for Taxiway Alpha combined with a new touch-screen CPU based airfield graphic controller to serve all airfield systems.  It also involved associated vault improvements and airfield regulators.  Vault air conditioning and standby power was also provided as well as tower modifications necessary to accept the touch-screen graphics panel.


Forbes Field Airport | Taxiway “Alpha” Lighting Improvements

This project was the first of a series of projects to rehabilitate taxiways at Forbes Field.  The overall project included Taxiway Alpha repair, shoulder repair, resurfacing, painting, new reflective media and a new medium intensity conduit/light base type taxiway lighting system. 


LSA served as the electrical engineer on the project.  Design involved installation of a completely new taxiway lighting system parallel to the existing.  The existing systems were then removed.  Airfield signage was also served by the new lighting circuits.


Forbes Field Airport | Taxiway “Charlie” Lighting Improvements

Similar to the original Taxiway Alpha project, work included the complete rehabilitation of Taxiway Charlie.  All taxiway lighting was replaced including new conduit and light base systems, new 5KV circuits back to the airfield vault and a new regulator were provided for Charlie edge lights and signage.


Philip Billard Airport | Runway 13-31 Lighting Improvements

This project involved replacement of Runway 13-31 high intensity edge lights with a new conduit/base edge lighting system.  Work also includes a new airfield lighting radio control system, associated control modifications and new regulator.



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